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Q:How to export testing data?
Thery are two ways to export testing data.
1:Select the channel and right click mouse,select to export data as nda formart or excel.

2:If user want to export targeted  parameters in excel,take below for reference.

Q:How to do battery DCIR testing?
Battery DCIR testing operated after some cycles charge discharge testing,it happend at BTSDA software.
  • Set charge discharge testing program at the neware client software.
  • After charge discharge testing,read the testing data by BTSDA software and get into BTSDA interface.
  • Clike the "DCIR" button and get into condition select interface.
  • Select the "the last record"button and get DCIR.
Below is simple DCIR testing operation just for reference:

Q:How to edit battery testing program at Neware monitor software?
  • At “Brief View” toolbar,there are “Charge” ”Discharge” “Rest” "Protect" "Stop" "Pause" "Finished" "Default" items,user could click to set color for each item. 
  • Select the channels you want to use---right click mouse---click “single start” button into setting interface.
  • Edit testing program under “standard settings”model,the first step have to be “Rest”,the time could be 2 or 3 minutes.The second step could be any charge or discharge mode,the third step suggested to be “Rest” and time could be 2 or 3 minutes too.In general,the first step have to be “Rest”,between charge and discharge step should be “Rest”.
  • After step setting editing,there are three parameter need to set:”Time” under “Record Condition”,it is testing data record frequency;”Volt.Lower” and “Volt.Upper” under “Safety Limit” should set to protect tested batteries.
  • Clike "OK" button to start battery testing.
Below is simple battery testing program setting picture just for reference:

Q:Change a file setting before editing battery testing programs?
  • Please find the “BTS” file at the “BTSClient7.6.0” folder under Monitor Software installing road.
  • Open the “BTS” file---find the “STEPCHECKMODEL” and “RECORDCHECKMODE” ---change both value into “0”.
  • Save the changing.
Take below picture for reference to change the setting:

Q:How to set mapping channels after connecting BTS to computer?
  • Click “User” button and login with user name:admin and password:neware
  • Right click mouse at gray zone---click “Reset Map”button---click yellow triangle( to expand---click yellow triangle(BTS82) to expand---click yellow triangle(1) to expand.
  • Right click mouse at gray zone---select “The Main Channel Default Mapping” button and click “1*8”.
  • Right click mouse at gray zone---click “Save Map” button.

If connect set mapping channels successfully,the monitor software interface display as below:

Q:How to install monitor software and connect BTS to computer?
  • Neware BTS is controlled by the monitor software installed on the computer,user edit battery testing programs here.
  • Please do not install software at C dish in case C dish have problem cause lose testing data.
  • Please confirm the dish you ready to install software at have enough space.
  • Change the computer IP into:
  • Close firewall and all antivirus software.
  • Connect battery testing system to computer with network cables we offer.
  • Switch on all battery testing system device.
  • Install software.

If connect BTS to computer successfully,the monitor software interface display as below: