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  • 0.05% Precision

  • Dual Current Range

  • 1msResponse Time

  • 10HzData Record

  • dQ/dV

  • Three-electrode Testing

  • Capacity DensityTesting

  • High RateTesting

BTS4000(mA)-Battery Cycler
For Battery Materials Research

BTS4000(mA) Battery Cycler is special for battery materials research at electrochemistry, it is widely used to test life cycle testing,specific capacity testing, capacity density and high rate testing for coin cell, pouch cell and three-electrode.

Classic Models:





Pouch Cell Testing

Button Cell Testing

Three-electrode Testing

Super-capacitor Testing

Electrochemistry Research

Battery Materials Research

dQ/dV Curve

The physical meaning of a dQ/dV curve is the volume of a material per unit voltage. We all know that lithium ion batteries have a voltage platform for both anode and cathode materials. A high negative capacity on the voltage platform means that there is a lot of capacity in a very small voltage fluctuation range, so it is a characteristic peak on the dQ/dV curve. Usually we think of each peak on the dQ/dV curve as representing an electrochemical reaction. Because the reaction potentials of different materials are different, the positions and heights of peaks in the dQ/dV curve will also be different. Neware BTSDA have the function of dQ/dV curve. dV/dQ curve mainly reflects the phase change of positive and negative active substances in the charging and discharging process. According to the data, we can find out the phase transition corresponding to different characteristic peaks in the dV/dQ curve, and then according to the variation trend of the dV/dQ curve in the cycle or in the storage process, we can qualitatively infer the cause of the reversible capacity loss of lithium ion battery, providing a reference for the design of lithium ion battery.

  • Monitor Software
  • Specific Capacity

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