BTS4000(A)-Battery Testing System For Battery Manufacturers

BTS4000(A) Battery Testing System is based on Neware 4th-generation products and has been recommend to market since 2008.BTS4000(A) is widely used in battery manufacturer and Lab to test cylindrical cell,rhombus cell,pouch cell,super-capacitor and battery pack.

  • 0.1%Precision

  • 20msResponse Time

  • DCIR Testing

  • Pulse Testing

  • CapacityTesting

  • Cycle LifeTesting

  • High RateTesting

  • Charge DischargeTesting

Monitor Software

Neware monitor software is installed on computer to control battery testing system. User could edit testing program,set record condition,safety limit and testing data backup here.As standard testing step, it includes constant current charge,constant voltage charge,constant current constant voltage charge,constant power charge; constant current discharge,constant power discharge,constant resistance discharge.

“If”as a condition step greatly improved testing flexibility.As a supplementary explanation step, “If” have setting parameter like voltage, current, energy, capacity and time,when testing data reach to the value of the parameter,the testing program will go ahead to stop,protect,next test step or any others testing step.The logical relationship among parameter is “or”.


BTSDA(Battery Testing System Data Analyzer) is another software offered by Neware to analyze tested battery data, the data format is nda(Neware Data Analyzer).On the left of the software interface,it is curve constituted with time, current,voltage,capacity,specific capacity,discharge capacity,charge capacity and so on.On the right,there is detail tested data. User could check battery performance well through analyze tested data.


DCIR is one of key parameter to judge battery quality.BTSDA software has the function to account DCIR according to principle of calculation(R=△U/△I). User could check DICR curve,copy DCIR data,and export report. DCIR test is usually brought out in short time.So the equipment’s capability is critical to the testing result.The equipment needs to response fast and has an accurate time control.And as specified in many testing standard manuals,it needs the voltage value at the very end of each period,so the closer value to the very end will contribute the DCIR result accuracy.The current output accuracy and voltage measurement accuracy are the basic requirements.

Product Models