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  • 0.02%Precision

  • 1000HzData Record

  • Multi-currentRange

  • 100usResponse Time

  • ChannelsParallel

  • 400usPulse Width

BTS9000-Battery Testing System For Battery and Battery Materials Research

BTS9000 is the highest level battery testing system of technical specification,features and application available in battery testing industry. BTS9000 is fully custom edit testing program,automated testing system.The highest level testing precision, time resolution and response time support BTS9000 has wide range application as battery materials research, quality control in battery manufacturing,Super-capacitor testing,fuel cell testing, electrochemistry and so on.


GSM Testing

Life Cycle Testing

Three-electrode Testing

Dynamic Capacity Testing

Half‐Cell Testing and Materials Research

Electrochemical R&D,Battery & Supercapacitor Testing

GSM Testing
  • Hardware Response Time
  • Min. Pluse Width
  • Time Control Precision

Product Models