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Neware Battery Test Equipment For 3C Batteries Capacity Test
  • Product introduction
  • Technology and function
  • Service and warranty

  • Model:BTS5V12A56CH
    Current Rise Time:1mS
    Input Impedance:>1M Ohm
    Measurement Resolution:16 bit
    Testing Data Output:PDF;Excel
    Connection for PC:TCP/IP(Ethernet)
    One rack can hold 56 channels
    Channel Control Mode:Independent Control

    BTS5V12A Battery Test Equipment widely used to test pouch cells and polymer batteries which capacity is below 12Ah.BTS5V12A has 8 channels and 56 channels per unit these two models.Also, Neware could offer custom made on channels per unit.

    Neware Battery Test Equipment released the BTS5V12A  to market in 2016 which ultra-high testing precision 
    battery test equipment.Each channel of BTS5V12A could be controlled independently for testing pouch cells and polymer batteries.It has three current range under 0.05% testing precision measurement,fast data sampling and quickly current reponse.All Neware battery test system is controlled by the software installed at computer for real-time data monitoring and tested data could be analyzed by BTSDA.

    BTS5V12A could be used both at Lab and battery manufactures for production line testing battery capacity,cycle life,DCIR.It is suitable to test lithium ion batteries,NiMH batteries,Nickel batteries,capacitors and super-capacitors.

    Primary Applications:

    • Pouch Cell Testing
    • 3C Batteries Testing
    • Mobile Battery Testing
    • Production Line Testing
    • Super-capacitor Testing
    • Lab Battery Materials Research


  • Key Technology Parameters:
    Voltage Range:-5V~5V
    Lowest Discharge Voltage:1.5V
    Voltage Testing Precision:±0.05%
    Three-current Range:
    Range 1:5mA~1A;
    Range 2:1A~6A
    Range 3:6A~12A;

    Current Testing Precision:±0.05%
    Charge Mode:Constant Current Charge、Constant Voltage Charge、Constant Current Constant Voltage Charge、Constant Power Charge;
    Discharge Model:Constant Current Discharge、Constant Voltage Discharge、Constant Power Discharge、Constant Resistance Discharge;

    Key Features:
    • DCIR Testing
    • Pulse Testing
    • Capacity Testing
    • Cycle Life Testing
    • Testing Data Analysis
    • Charge/Discharge Testing
    • Neware battery test equipment Monitor Software has the function that user can set current、voltage、capacity、temperature etc. Parameters,this will help user avoid over charging,over discharging and over heating during charging discharging coin cell in a test program.
    • At Monitor Software,user could fill “Creator” 、“Remarks” and backup testing data before starting a testing program.This will hope protect battery testing data.
    • Neware battery test equipment utilizes LAN as the main framework to transfer data. This provides the most flexibility and reliablity to your system deployment.When you look down into Neware batter, its unique Middle Machine architecture provides another enhancement layer to the data security issue. Moreover, this MM is an embedded system that allows you run tests even your LAN is down.
    • All Neware Battery Tester are internet version,user could monitor button cell testing progress running in Lab at anywhere have internet.
    • Neware battery test equipment hardware has the function of Anti-reverse connection,in case user connect battery anode to Battery Tester cathode.

  • Our Advantages:
    • All kinds of types are manufactured for a range of current from 1mA to 1000A,a range of voltage from 5V to 100V to meet customers' special need.We also provide the BTS  which can test the voltage of 0 V or even  lower. 
    • Reasonable Price, standard and Reliable Product.
    • Improve the quality and life expectancy of your products.
    • Work Performance more effective and efficacy.
    Warranty and Customer Service:
    Neware Battery Test Equipment  warrants its  equipment for 1 year from  shipment, to be free from defection workmanship and material.For some  other consumptive materials,as battery clamps,we provide a 3-month warranty.This warranty,including customer service support and software  licenses is not transferable.Meanwhile,we provide lifetime software update  service to help your equipment optimized in its best  status.

    We provide much more customer services:
    • Battery Testing Service
    • Free Technical Training
    • BTS Calibration Service
    • Free Service Call Service
    Warranty Terms:
    • Neware warrants that the hardware equipment will be free from defects in workmanship and material, for a period of one (1) year following delivery. For some other consumptive materials,like battery clamps,we provide a 3 month warranty.
    • Neware shall NOT be held liable or assume any responsibility for products damaged by improper handling or installation.This warranty is limited to the repair replacement of the defective unit. 
    • Returned units are tested and repaired or replaced from a stock of factory reconditioned units. Any units that are determined to be “No Trouble Found” (NTF) shall be returned. 

    We provide the following customer services:
    Free technical training
    Our technical service engineering team is always available for service call. We provide sufficient pre-sales and after-sales services.
    Free software upgrade
    We provide lifetime software update service to help your equipment get the best result as it can.
    Online technical support
    You can always visit our website (www.newaredevice.com) for the latestproducts information, latest version of software,online chatting with  us,and dropping emails to us directly.


Battery Discharge:Discharging is always occurring inside a battery at any given time. The electrolyte solution contains charged ions, made up of sulphate and hydrogen. The sulphate ions are negative charged, while the hydrogen ions have a positive charge.

When an electrical load is placed across a battery’s terminals (starter motor, headlight, etc.) the sulphuric acid breaks down, the resulting sulphate ions travel to the negative plates and react with the plate’s active material giving up their negative charge through ionisation. This cause the battery to discharge or produce electrical energy. This excess electron flow out of the negative side of the negative side of the battery,through the 

electrical device, and back to the positive side of the battery is what creates DC current. Once the electrons arrive back at the positive battery terminal, they travel back into the cells and re-attach themselves to the positive plates. The discharge process continues until the battery is discharged and there is no more chemical energy left.

Battery Charge:Charging a battery reverses the chemical process that occurred during discharge. The sulphate and hydrogen ions basically switch places. The electrical energy used to charge a battery is converted back to chemical energy and stored inside the battery. Battery chargers, including alternators and generators, produce a higher voltage than the battery’s open circuit voltage.

When charging amperage exceeds the level of the natural absorption rate, the battery may overheat, causing the electrolyte solution to bubble creating flammable hydrogen gas. Hydrogen gas, when combined with oxygen from the air, is highly explosive and can easily be ignited by a spark. Consequently, always remember to turn the power off before connecting or disconnecting a battery charger to prevent a spark at the battery terminals!