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The 2nd National Lithium Battery Failure Analysis&TestTechnology Forum

Time : 2019.11.22

On November 20-21, the 2nd National Lithium Battery Failure Analysis and Testing Technology Symposium was held in Liyang as scheduled,Neware was invited to participate in the meeting.
The seminar included four special discussions on the failure mechanism of lithium battery key materials, advanced characterization methods and applications, battery SOX detection and failure mechanism, battery safety, and 34 reports, attracting nearly 300 experts and scholars in related fields at home and abroad, and upstream and downstream of the industry chain Corporate R & D personnel, investment funds and relevant personnel of government agencies participated. The purpose is to clarify the relationship between performance degradation and influencing factors of lithium batteries through failure cause analysis, promote the development of lithium battery failure analysis and testing technology, meet the needs of research institutions, and help companies in material design, processing, cell design, and manufacturing , System management and use, etc. for effective control and prevention.
During the meeting,Neware set up a special promotion booth at the scene. From the perspective of products and services, it actively discussed and exchanged relevant issues with the participating experts.


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