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Prof.Muhammad-Sadeeq Balogun shares industry knowledge for Neware guys

Time : 2018.12.06

Prof. Muhammad-Sadeeq Balogun of Hunan University, has nearly a decade of Chinese life experience. Now he is already a real China. When I first met Mr. Tang, I was shocked by his fluent Chinese, and we were fortunate to be able to hear Mr. Tang’s speech, but I was impressed by Mr. Tang’s experience and knowledge! As the saying goes, listening to Jun's words, winning ten years of books, Tang Jie teacher stood in the position of consumers, shared a lot of interesting things, and some seemingly simple, but easily overlooked by everyone.
When Mr. Tang was invited, the seminar held by Tsinghua Advanced Research Institute had been carried out until the next day. Teacher Tang’s academic speech was arranged on the morning of the third day. After the academic lecture ended, he had to rush back to Hunan to continue his next trip. Tang, who is so nervous about the itinerary, was invited by Neware enthusiastic invitation, but still deliberately squeezed out time for everyone, and started speaking on time at 8 am on Saturday.

On the morning of the next day, everyone arrived at 8 o'clock in advance, and the theme of the class was how to stand in the position of international customers to provide better services. Teacher Tang, as a foreigner, China Tong, a professor at Hunan University, and a Neware user, knows the differences between Chinese and foreign cultures and is familiar with the past mail marketing and other means. At first, everyone felt that they were unable to develop new customers. Not to mention international customers. Mr. Tang stood in his own perspective and shared his feelings when he received such sales, and his mood when he was picked up by the salesman. The description has drawn everyone's laughter, laughter, and more importantly, to sum up the details of the teacher Tang to avoid making mistakes and become a more professional foreign trade clerk.
In addition to those "jokes," Tang also shared a lot of dry goods with you, summed up the following three points: 1. Maintain a good attitude; 2. Learn from excellent people; 3. Find your own model.
When it comes to the wonderful things, it often leads to everyone's frowning. For example, according to the national conditions, the difference between the consumer and the producing countries has led to different sales between different countries. The novel point of view, the simple little things, lead to some philosophies, let everyone agree with each other, whether as sales or other industries, this knowledge is used for life.

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