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Neware at the 10th China Energy Storage and Power Battery Academic Seminar

Time : 2018.11.26

Conference introduction
In recent years, China's new energy industry has been booming, but the development of new energy utilization, smart grid, and electric vehicles are all pointing to energy storage and power battery technology, research, development and industry of related battery systems and their key materials. It has become a strategic focus.
In this context, the 10th China Energy Storage and Power Battery and its key materials academic seminar and technical exchange meeting was held in Changsha, Hunan on November 22-25, 2018.
Neware Marketing Department participated in this forum and made in-depth exchanges with scholars & experts. And to show you 4 series mA equipment & 9 series battery testing equipment.
The conference was hosted by the Hunan Provincial People's Government, the Hunan Provincial Economic and Information Technology Commission, the China Energy Storage and Power Battery and Materials Professional Committee, and hosted by Central South University, Hunan University, Xiangtan University, and Changsha University of Science and Technology.
Meeting theme
The conference focused on the theme of "Basic Electrochemical Basic Research and Industrial Application under the New Situation", focusing on the latest research and development progress and industrialization achievements in China's energy storage and power battery and its key materials, and exploring the basic science and technology involved in the development process. The problem is to promote the cooperation between industry, academia and research and the transformation of technological achievements.
At the same time, the conference will hold 2018 China Advanced Energy Storage Materials and Electric Vehicle Summit Forum and Industrial Cooperation Matchmaking Conference to promote the development of the national new energy industry.

Participating companies & institutions
Institute of Physics, Institute of Chemistry, Institute of Metals, Changchun Institute of Chemistry, Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Peking University, Tsinghua University, Nankai University, Beijing Institute of Technology, Tianjin University, Fudan University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Zhejiang University, Nanjing University, Wuhan University, Zhongshan University, Southern University of Science and Technology, Central South University and other research institutions and BYD, Ningde era, SAIC, BAIC, BMW Brilliance and other new energy companies, such as academicians, thousands of people, Jieqing, Yangtze River scholars and other well-known scholars, entrepreneurs, Government managers and investors came to the conference to jointly discuss and promote the development of new energy storage and automotive power battery and related materials industries.

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