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Neware Automation Production Line (Soft Polymer & Square Aluminum Shell)

Time : 2018.10.30

Superior system features of Neware automation production line
1. All processes in the chemical and sub-regions are fully automatic and are controlled by the dispatching system.
2. The system is compatible with a variety of batteries.
3. The device uses a digital power supply that can only be bidirectionally fed back.
4, independent air duct design can effectively control the temperature rise; can quickly discharge smoke under abnormal conditions.
5. The system uploads backups in real time to ensure data security.
6, the system charge and discharge, the test part is automatically verified, with regular reminder maintenance function.
7, the core components have a senior stable and reliable supply chain.
8. The negative pressure forming system adopts an isolated cabinet with a reliable negative pressure control system and a vacuum suction cup assembly.
9. Equipped with a separate human-computer interaction interface, real-time monitoring of each component to ensure system security.
10. The chemical and chemical-capacity presses are not isolated from each other and do not affect each other.
11, the formation and division of a single cell over temperature alarm and automatic fire extinguishing design.
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