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Neware Attends "Next Generation Energy Application Materials" Conference

Time : 2019.11.20

From November 16th to 19th, Cell Press and Xiamen University Collaborative Innovation Center for Energy Chemistry (iChEM) jointly held a theme conference on "New Generation Energy Application Materials".Neware was invited to participate in the meeting.
The conference conducted in-depth discussions on cutting-edge scientific and technical issues such as new solar cells, electrochemical energy storage, energy catalysis, and energy materials in the form of theme reports, invitation reports, short reports, and posters. At the same time, dozens of people from around the world were invited "Big Niu" scholars in the energy field share the latest progress in basic and applied research, aiming to seek sustainable energy solutions to challenges through international academic exchanges.
As the designated exhibitor of this event,Neware has a publicity booth on the site, showing some products and activities, attracting many experts and scholars to come and exchange ideas.


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