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Neware At“Tongji-Neware" Vehicle New Energy Doctoral Forum

Time : 2018.11.18

On November 18, 2018, co-sponsored by Tongji University School of Materials and Tongji University Intelligent Collaborative Innovation Center, “Tongji-Neware” Vehicle New Energy Doctoral Forum sponsored by Neware Technology Limited was held in Tongji University. The campus was successfully held.

The forum was attended by Professor Huang Yunhui, Dean of the Automotive New Energy Research Institute of Tongji University, Professor Zheng Honghe from Suzhou University, Yang Jianping, Distinguished Research Fellow of Donghua University, Jialong, Zhang Renyuan, Luo Wei, Ma Jiwei and other teachers from Fudan University. Shanghai Jiaotong University, Zhejiang University, Nanjing University, East China Normal University, Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai University of Ceramics, Tongji University, and other nearly 20 research institutions, doctoral students and some outstanding master students, as well as Neware Electronics Co., Ltd. Ms. Wu Hongjuan.
At the beginning of the meeting, Professor Huang Yunhui delivered a welcome speech and expressed warm welcome to the students who came from far away, and wished the forum a complete success. Subsequently, Ms. Wu Hongjuan of Neware Company delivered a speech for everyone and told the original intention of holding the forum. It is hoped that doctoral students from the same industry in different schools can get together and strengthen exchanges to promote cooperation and win-win.
Then, Mr. Zheng Honghe from Suzhou University elaborated on the development history and future development direction of lithium ion electrolyte from the 1980s to the present. The content of the lithium ion electrolyte is closely integrated with the research and development of electrolytes in the enterprise. The combination of research and practical applications has inspired students to learn more about how to make their research work for social value.
Teacher Yang Jianping from Donghua University gave us a lecture on the interface design of silicon-based materials. It explains how to slow down the volume deformation of silicon negative electrodes and form a stable interface film through interface and structure design, so that students can benefit from it. shallow.
The teacher of Jialong from Tongji University told us the story behind the “Gallon Carbon” named after Mr. Gaya. The commercial value brought by it and the subsequent improvement of the carbon material design based on this also brought the students My own experience on the road of scientific research made the students who were present deeply impressed and greatly encouraged.

Afterwards, the participants visited the laboratory of the New Energy Research Center of Tongji University and the Tongji-Neware Joint Laboratory.
The meeting went to the afternoon and began the home of the doctoral students. Doctoral students from nearly 20 well-known universities in China have brought us wonderful oral reports and wall posters. The wonderful report and the active questioning session brought the atmosphere of the forum to a climax. The collision of the students and the teachers at the scene promoted everyone's further understanding of the problem. The forum presented excellent oral and poster awards.

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