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Batteries Event 2018

Time : 2018.10.28

The representative of Neware Market went to Europe to participate in Batteries Event 2018. Showcasing the new products and the latest products to new and old customers. With 20 years of battery testing experience and the booming automation market in the past two years, this Neware booth has attracted many new and old customers to negotiate.
According to the introduction of the Neware market participants, this conference can briefly describe the new energy market:
In the past 10 years, the battery and its parts market has experienced double-digit strong growth, and several positive factors should ensure that the uptrend continues:
1. This growth is built on the ever-changing portable electronics market (laptops, smartphones, tablets and now hybrids). 
2. Automotive electrification is still a powerful driving force, and it is a huge battery market.
3. Energy storage, telecom base stations, backup or UPS for renewable energy integration are more promising.
Battery 2018 will focus on the battery market issues, the latest trends will enable you to meet new partners and customers!

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