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The Importance of Battery Pack Testing Machine

Time : 2020.09.26

Electric vehicles play an important role in people's daily life, but the frequent spontaneous combustion and explosion incidents in recent years have caused them to be affected. Therefore, battery pack test machine has attracted attention.
The commonly used battery pack tests include battery pack body test, temperature test, mechanical test, external environment simulation test, low voltage electrical test, electromagnetic compatibility test, electrical safety test, battery performance test, abuse test test and battery management system test. These tests are very professional, and the purpose of the test is related to the quality of the battery.
 After all, as the core power of different types of electric vehicles, battery packs have played an important role.
If the quality of the battery does not meet the standard requirements, after a long period of operation, its reliability will inevitably be weakened gradually, and safety cannot be reliably guaranteed.
Battery pack testing must be paid attention to from the battery research and development process, and a certain test cycle is given, because the impact of insufficient test cycle may lead to insufficient technical verification, and the hidden problems of the battery is not detected.


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