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Capacitor Test

Time : 2019.10.14

Capacitor test considerations
1. Before operating the capacitor test instrument, read the instructions in detail or under the guidance of a professional technician to avoid misuse.
2. Note that the power input cable should be the same as the instrument power outlet. In addition, since the liquid crystal body is easily affected by temperature, the screen gradation changes, and the adjustment can be made if the writing is not clear.
3. The clamp meter is generally used with a capacitor tester or it can be used alone, but remember to put it back in the protective case after use to prevent damage.
4. The capacitor tester should work in the specified environment, especially when connecting the test leads, away from strong electromagnetic fields to avoid interference. After the instrument is tested, remember to turn off the power switch and unplug the power cord.
5. During the testing of the instrument, the relevant equipment should be kept clean to ensure good test contact. In addition, it is forbidden to put the test equipment in a humid environment to avoid leakage accidents.



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