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Battery Testing

Time : 2019.10.18

Use of battery testing equipment
The battery detecting device is a device for detecting the battery capacity and various index parameters of the battery. The battery detecting device can effectively monitor the capacity of the battery and various parameters, thereby effectively maintaining the battery. So what is the specification of the battery testing equipment? First, the process to be operated using the battery test equipment is a multimeter and a discharge meter.
First, the multimeter
It is a testing device for measuring parameters such as voltage, current, and capacitance. When using it, you should pay attention to a few points:
1. The multimeter must have electricity. If there is no power, you need to replace it with a new one.
2. When measuring the battery voltage, adjust the suitable voltage parameters.
3. When measuring the voltage, pay attention to the connection between the red and black pens and the positive and negative terminals of the battery. The red meter pen is connected to the battery positive pole, and the black meter pen is connected to the battery negative pole.
4. After using the product, remember to close the multimeter in time.
Second, the discharge meter
Because the current and voltage of the discharge meter are related to the battery test results, pay special attention to the use:
1. Check the equipment for current and voltage.
2. Check if the current and voltage of the equipment are accurate.
3. The red line of the single-discharge equipment is connected to the positive pole of the battery, the black line is connected to the negative pole of the battery, and it must be guaranteed to be in full contact. Otherwise, the lug will be hot.
4. It is necessary to check the equipment regularly. When the temperature of the equipment is too high, remember to cool down to ensure the normal operation of the fan.
5. If the current and voltage of the device are different, adjust the potentiometer.
6. Do not shut down immediately after the battery is discharged. It takes 5 minutes to cool down.



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