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Akira Yoshino-one of Nobel Prize Winner 2019

Time : 2019.11.04

In the era of ever-changing technology, mobile computers, unmanned artificial intelligence, these high-processing electronic products are getting smaller and smaller, the weight is getting lighter, and the problem of battery life is solved step by step. This year's Nobel Prize is the father and top contributor to mobile electronic equipment energy lithium batteries.
As one of Nobel Prize winner of 2019,Akira Yoshino said "I am very excited. I am here to report to you that I have successfully won this year's Nobel Prize in Chemistry. I am very pleased that this year's lithium battery and environmental related issues have been selected. I believe this is a big young researcher. Inspire, really thank you."
He said:”After developing the lithium battery, it could not be sold at all for the first time in 3 years. The mental and physical pressures are very great, but he feels that he is a lucky person. The lithium battery grows together with the IT (information technology) revolution. In the future, it is important for Environmental issues, whether lithium batteries can provide a suitable solution.
Yoshino said that after the advent of the lithium battery, it was widely used in mobile phones, but he himself had a resistance to mobile phones, and until recently he did not bring his mobile phone. The mobile phone is a very convenient tool, and the lithium battery has played a role. This is undoubted.
Regarding the future prospects of lithium batteries, Yoshino believes that there will be more progress in the application of electric vehicles. If lithium batteries are to be used in new applications and new fields, technological improvements must be made, but there are still many unknowns about lithium batteries.
Advances in technology are group wisdom and need to go further
Electrochemistry itself is a complex interdisciplinary subject in many fields. The experts who study it must be proficient in various fields. The three leading figures are the kings in this field, leading the rest of the scientists step by step. Their research laid the foundation for lithium-ion batteries, and the latter research is equally important.

At present, China's research in this field is also very deep, and some of them also lead China and the rest of the world. As a green secondary battery, lithium iron phosphate battery is widely used in the field of power and energy storage batteries due to its high energy density, good safety and long cycle life. Whether in electric vehicles (new energy vehicles, rail transit, logistics vehicles, etc.) and smart grid energy storage systems, China's R&D and production in lithium iron phosphate battery applications has been at the forefront of the world.


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