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Neware adopt “0 inventory management method” that do not have any battery testing system in stock. As Neware managed by SAP and have established mature material supply chain,we are always able to delivery battery testing equipment to customers on time.In order to recommend best quality battery testing system to marketing,Neware search materials suppliers all around the world who are leaders in the each fields.

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From steel in the 19th century, to electrical distribution and automation in the 20th and energy management in the 21st, Schneider Electric has always been driven by an international, innovative and responsible mindset to shape the transformation of the industry it was evolving in. Contactors & Protection Relays http://www.schneider-electric.com/
Founded in 1977, the Yageo Corporation has become a world-class provider of passive components services with capabilities on a global scale, including production and sales facilities in Asia, Europe and the Americas. Chip Resistors,MLCC http://www.yageo.com
Atmel Corporation (Nasdaq: ATML) is a worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of microcontrollers, capacitive touch solutions, advanced logic, mixed-signal, nonvolatile memory and radio frequency (RF) components DSP,MCU http://www.atmel.com.hk/
Infineon Technologies focuses on the three central challenges facing modern society: Energy Efficiency, Mobility and Security and offers semiconductors and system solutions for automotive and industrial electronics and chip card and security applications.  MOSFET,IGBT https://www.infineon.com/
TI wasn’t always in the semiconductor business. We started out as a small oil and gas company in 1930, then focused on defense systems electronics in the late 1940s. With the invention of the integrated circuit in 1958, TI entered the semiconductor business, devising microprocessors in the 1970s and digital signal processors in the 1980s. ADS, DAC, DSP, MCU http://www.ti.com/
ADDA is a leader in the electronic thermal management field. For more than eight years ADDA has developed a broad range of products designed to extend the life of electronic components primarily used for the information technology industry. Now, we develop and manufacture on two continents and intend to expand our manufacturing further. Fan,Thermal Module http://www.adda.com.tw/
Founded in 1982, MEAN WELL is one of few manufacturers dedicated to standard power supply in the world. It is ranked the 3rd in global power supply (DC output) makers according to a report by Micro Technology Consultant released in March 2018. Power Supply https://www.meanwell.com/
TDK is a comprehensive electronic components manufacturer leading the world in magnetic technology.TDK’s diverse range of electronic components are at work all the time inside the familiar products that you use every day. Inductance,Capacitor,Resitance http://www.global.tdk.com